The weird world of crypto litigation – Cointelegraph Magazine

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Crypto on the Ballot: Five Midterm Elections That Could Impact the Industry

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Scammers Are Targeting Cryptocurrency Scam Sites to Hijack Their Targeted Audience

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Binance resumes BSC bridge operation after 2M BNB exploit

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Crypto spring is inevitable – Cointelegraph Magazine

In another reality, Bill Noble would be just another guy in a suit behind a big desk at the Fed or the SEC, probably murmuring negative incantations like “crypto is bad.” He’s... Read more »

Brazilian Presidential Candidate ‘Lula’ Da Silva Signals Support for Central Bank of Brazil Involvement in Crypto Regulation

The presidential candidate that obtained most of the votes in the first Brazilian ballot round, Luis Inacio Da Silva, better known as “Lula,” declared that the Central Bank of Brazil should be... Read more »

What is Bitcoin hash rate and why does it matter?

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Is This Do Kwon’s Wallet? Wanted Terra Founder May Still Have $140M at Hand

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South Korean authorities fail to follow through on Do Kwon aide’s arrest; EU puts more crypto sanctions on Russia

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On-chain data points to crypto consolidation in Q3

A third-quarter industry report from DappRadar citing on-chain metrics suggests cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of recovery from ongoing bearing market conditions. A number of factors played their part in a busy... Read more »