ETHW Hasn’t Launched Yet—But You Can Already Trade It

Key Takeaways ETHW is a token due to launch as part of EthereumPoW’s plans to preserve a Proof-of-Work version of Ethereum following “the Merge.” EthereumPoW is not yet live, but a token... Read more »

Ethereum Shipped the Merge and Its Supply Is Deflating. Why Is ETH Down?

Key Takeaways Ethereum successfully completed “the Merge” from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake earlier today. ETH briefly spiked following the event before retracing minutes later. ETH’s supply has decreased since the Merge, but the... Read more »

Bitcoin, Ethereum Turn Volatile Ahead of the Merge

Key Takeaways Bitcoin lost over 2,000 points in market value in the last 24 hours. Likewise, Ethereum took a 7.5% nosedive, erasing recent gains. The downturn put BTC and ETH at risk... Read more »

With Inflation at 8.3%, Ethereum Risks “Sell the News” Merge

Key Takeaways Ethereum has dropped by 8.7% after U.S. inflation fell by less than analysts’ expectations. The downturn puts Ethereum at risk of its upcoming merge to Proof-of-Stake becoming a “sell the... Read more »

Bitcoin Slides as U.S. Inflation Exceeds Estimates at 8.3%

Key Takeaways U.S. inflation hit 8.3% in August, the latest Consumer Price Index print has revealed. The price of goods rose 0.1% on a month-on-month basis. The print exceeded expectations of a... Read more »

Bitcoin Outpacing Ethereum Ahead of the Merge

Key Takeaways Bitcoin is outperforming Ethereum despite “the Merge” approaching fast. Bitcoin’s dominance surged after hitting crucial support, and ETH:BTC seems to have topped at range high. If crypto history is any... Read more »

Bitcoin Breaks Past $21,000, Inspiring Market-Wide Rally

Key Takeaways Bitcoin has broken $21,000 after sitting below $20,000 earlier this week. The surge has helped the crypto market bounce back to life. The dollar’s recent decline may explain the rally.... Read more »

Should You Stake Your Crypto? Here’s What the Data Says

Key Takeaways Based on CoinMarketCap and Staking Rewards data, most major Proof-of-Stake-based cryptocurrencies generate negative real staking yields when accounting for their token emission schedules. BNB currently generates the highest real staking... Read more »

As Bitcoin Loses $19,000, Crypto’s Hopes Rest on the Ethereum Merge

Key Takeaways Bitcoin has slid below $19,000 for the first time since June. The cryptocurrency market has looked rocky for weeks despite a relief rally over the summer. Crypto traders and investors... Read more »

“Real Yield” Mania Has Hit DeFi. Here Are Five Projects to Watch

Key Takeaways Over recent months, DeFi has been captured by a new narrative centered around protocols that generate “real yield.” Instead of incentivizing stakeholders with dilutionary token emissions, real yield protocols pay... Read more »